Changelog Widget and Portal

Changelog Widget and Portal

A changelog is a list of product updates, such as product improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

These updates can be viewed via the customer portal, or through a changelog widget installed on your website. Let's go over the feature of each one.

Changelog Widget

Add a changelog widget to your site to let customers view the most recent product updates seamlessly. Choose wherever on your site you want to place it, and whenever your customers click the changelog button, they will be shown the 3 most recent changelog entries. This way, more customers will see your updates since they don't need to go to the customer portal and instead can just view the updates whenever they visit your application.

To view the full list of changelog entries, they can simply click "See all updates" and they'll get brought to the customer portal.

UserVitals makes it easy for you to embed our changelog widget to your site or application. In less than 5 minutes you’ll have a widget ready for your customers to use. Learn how to install the changelog widget.

Customer Portal

Keep your customers in-the-loop with a full list of previous product updates. Your published changelogs will be posted in the customer portal, with the most recent entries at the top. Depending on the visibility you set for your changelog, it will be visible to either the public, customers, or only your team. Learn more about controlling the visibility.

Setting your changelog to be visible for customers or the public is beneficial because you're showing your commitment to improving constantly. Also, you can increase customer satisfaction by informing customers of the changes made with their feedback. Go a step further and link related documentation and help docs to guide customers on how to use the new changes and promote feature adoption.