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Capture Feature Requests

Collect valuable and constructive feedback anywhere.

Capture Feature Requests

Collect valuable and constructive feedback anywhere.

01 | Capture Feedback Requests

This is where it all begins! 👀

So how does Uservitals make sure that you're collecting valuable and constructive feedback? 

We integrate feedback from any source

UserVitals creates a unified feedback collection process for your entire team. We ensures no customer insights slip between the cracks.

1. Easy-To-Use Chrome Extension | Learn more

Submit feedback from any web platform using the UserVitals chrome extension. Simply highlight the customer’s feedback, categorize the insight, and send it to straight your feedback portal

2. Platform Integrations | Learn more

Integrate with your team's existing customer-facing platforms to submit feedback when and where you receive it. Make it easier for your team to stay on track of all incoming feedback.

3. Connect with Existing User Accounts | Learn more about SSO

SSO gives both users and employees secure, one-click access to their accounts and reduces the need to manage so many separate accounts and passwords. You can connect your own internal authentication system directly with UserVitals to know exactly who is giving you feedback or supporting an existing one. Once you've integrated UserVitals SSO, your customers can submit feedback without logging in, reducing friction and improving their user experience.

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