Admin Portal Settings

UserVitals' admin portal allows users to customize their experience and make adjustments as needed. Learn more about UserVitals' various settings available.

Admin Portal Settings

Within the admin portal, you and your team can use the settings panel to access all the controls needed to customize your experience with UserVitals. Here you can control items such as the settings for your team, customer portal, integrations, and billing. Let's dive in to each settings component

My Settings


Here you can change your name, profile picture, and email. Also, feel free to add your secondary email that you may want to log in with.

Email Notifications

Get an organized and comprehensive view of recent customer insights submitted by scheduling email notifications. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly or disabled, depending on your personal preference.



A team identifier will automatically be generated upon sign up, but an admin can also change their team identifier. The team Identifier is usually two or three letters abbreviation of the company name. It is included in the story URL for both the admin portal and the customer portal.

Team Members

Easily add your team members to join your UserVitals workspace by sending them an email invite. Once they're a team member, they will have access to all admin level activities such as collecting feedback, using the admin portal, and controlling the customer portal.

Customer Emails

The UserVitals customer email is a weekly email with recent stories from the previous week. When enabled it's sent to all customers registered on the customer portal. Customers will benefit by getting caught up on the recent story updates and understand what pieces of feedback your team is currently analyzing. By being transparent with customers, you can attract further feedback on the stories sent.


Keep your stories and changelogs organized with labels. Make it easier for your team to better understand your stories at a glance with specific labels that your team is familiar with using to sort information. Also, allow customer to more easily understand what a changelog entry is about with labels that describe the product update made. Use different colors for labels to help differentiate them.

Customer Portal


You can update your company branding at any time so that it is always accurate. All of this branding will be visible to customers on the customer portal. You can update your company logo, name, subdomain, Twitter handle and brand color.

The subdomain is the subdomain for your customer portal, and will appear in this format:

Subdomain: Acme

Customer Portal URL:

Your logo, name, and brand color are shown within the customer portal, and your Twitter handle will be linked on the changelog page under "Follow us on Twitter".

Customer Portal

Having control over what your customers and the public can view is incredibly important, which is why we have visibility customizations for the customer portal.

The customer portal has the option of being public, private, or disabled.

  1. A public portal allows anyone to view it, logged in or not.
  2. A private portal can be only be seen by customers and admins logged into accounts that are on the same team as the portal they are viewing.
  3. A disabled portal is only viewable by the team's admins.

On top of that, admins can also choose which specific features of the customer portal are enabled or disabled.The three features include Roadmap, Changelog, and Feedback. If a feature is disabled, then it will not appear in the customer portal at all.

It is important to note that the configurations (i.e Public, Private, Disabled), override the changes made underneath to disabling or enabling certain features. Learn more.


Use categories to organize your stories in the admin portal and also roadmap items in the customer portal. You can add and delete these categories at any time.


Single Sign-On

By default, UserVitals uses its own authentication. Single sign-on provides a seamless feedback experience by automatically authenticating your users with their existing accounts.

Learn about how to install single sign-on.


Here you can connect UserVitals to your company's Slack channels with just a few quick steps (learn more about integrating with Slack). Also, you have options to toggle on/off instant notifications sent to a Slack channel for the activity that happens in UserVitals. These activities include insights added to new or existing story, and changes to the state of a story (such as changing status to Planned).

Learn about the UserVitals Slack integration and how to install it.


Connect your UserVitals account with your Intercom app (learn more about integrating with Intercom). Add feedback directly from any Intercom conversations, and directly view related stories & insights.

Learn about the UserVitals Intercom integration and how to install it.

Help Scout

Connect UserVitals to Help Scout to view all past insights and stories submitted by a contact when opening up their HelpScout conversation. Your team members can seamlessly click on the links that lead them to the customer's stories and contact pages on UserVitals.

Learn about the UserVitals Help Scout integration and how to install it.


Linear is an application that helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks, and bug tracking. For users who use Linear with their teams to organize their workflow, now they can easily integrate it with their UserVitals activities. UserVitals will get connected with a user's Linear workspace, allowing seamless linking and creation of Linear tasks.

Learn about the UserVitals Linear integration and how to install it.


Zapier lets you connect UserVitals to 2000+ popular web apps your team is already using. Using “Zaps”, set up a trigger and an action for new activities on your UserVitals account.

Learn about the UserVitals Zapier integration and how to install it.


An application programming interface key is a unique identifier used to authenticate a user, developer, or calling program to an API.

Custom Domain

When you first create an account, UserVitals creates "" for you. Alternatively, you can use your own website (e.g. All you need to do is add the domain to the Custom Domain page and UserVitals will verify and setup SSL certifications automatically.

Email Forwarding

Do you receive feature requests by email? Forward them into UserVitals and they will be automatically be attributed to the original sender. Users can choose between a general Team Forwarding Email, or a Person Forwarding email that leaves a trace of which team member submitted it.


UserVitals is currently in early access! Get in touch with us about a paid plan by contacting