What Are Admin and Customer Portals?

The two main areas that display information for your UserVitals account are the admin portal and customer portal. Let's dive into what they're each used for.

Admin Portal

The admin portal is the all-in-one place for you and your team members to access account settings and manage your feedback loop.

In the admin portal, you see all incoming insights, organize stories, create roadmaps, publish changelogs, and manage account settings. This is where you and your team can collaborate to review customer feedback and translate them into informed product decisions. Learn more.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is the main touchpoint for your customers to interact with the feedback loop and stay updated.

This is where customers can directly submit insights, check the status of their past feedback, view your roadmap, and stay up to date on product updates. Through UserVitals, you can control the visibility of certain customer portal features, or even send private links for select customers to view.

The website for your customer portal will be created with a custom subdomain and will look like "subdomain.uservitalshq.com". You may also host the customer portal on your own website as well. Learn more.

How do the Admin and Customer Portals Connect?

The admin portal is where you and your team can manage the entire feedback loop and control all settings. Certain actions in the admin portal can lead you to the customer portal, or create new visible changes.

1. Ways to visit the customer portal from the admin portal

  • On the bottom left side of the admin portal, you can click on any of the 3 links (Public roadmap, Your feedback, or Changelog) to visit the respective section customer portal.
  • Within a specific story, you can click on "View in portal" to view the selected story from the customer portal perspective.
  • Within a specific changelog, you can click on "View in portal" to view the selected changelog entry from the customer portal perspective.

2. Actions made in the admin portal that affect the customer portal

  • Roadmap: When a story's visibility is "Public" and the status changes to either "Planned", "In Progress", or "Completed", it will show up in the customer portal roadmap. If you want to control the visibility of the roadmap changes, head to the Customer Portal settings in the admin portal.\
  • Changelog: When changelog entries are published in the admin portal, they will appear as a changelog entry in the customer portal. If you want to control the visibility of the changelog changes, head to the Customer Portal settings in the admin portal

3. How to get private story links for customers through the admin portal

  • UserVitals allows you to create a magic link for a particular customer, allowing them to directly access a Story detail page in the customer portal. This feature will be highly useful for admins who have a private feedback board, have a story that is “Unlisted" and/or want to gather insights from a particular customer via the portal for that story.

To generate a magic link for a customer:

  1. Select a Story and click the “Share” button at the top right
  2. Search for an existing contact or create a new contact
  3. After clicking “Copy Magic Link”, the link will be copied to your clipboard and you can now send it to the chosen customer contact

Learn more about admin portal features, customer portal features, or customer portal visibility.