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Add Insights

Insights are valuable feedback from customers that you can use to benefit or improve your product. Learn more about how to add insights in UserVitals.

Add Insights

Insights are valuable feedback from customers that you can use to benefit or improve your product. Learn more about how to add insights in UserVitals.

Add Insights

What is an insight in UserVitals?

Insights are valuable feedback from customers that you can use to benefit or improve your product. We help pull insights for you from individual pieces of feedback like quotes, testimonials and support tickets, all gathered from users from different sources.

What do I include when adding an insight?

When adding an insight, there are a few fields to fill out to ensure your insight has all the important information necessary.

  1. Insight: A direct quote from the customer explaining their feedback
  2. Customer: Assign the insight to an existing customer or create a new contact
  3. Story: Assign the insight to a story
  4. Source: Include the link of the insight for easy tracking (optional feature)
  5. Priority: Choose the priority of the insight submitted (nice to have, must have, blocker)

How can insights get added?

There are many different ways to add insights to your UserVitals feedback portal. Let's go through each method.

Chrome Extension

The UserVitals Chrome extension allows you to save customer feedback from any web page and send it to UserVitals as a customer insight. The Chrome extension is compatible with all browser-based tools to allow for a quick highlight & capture.

In a few easy steps, you'll be able to capture valuable customer feedback and send it right to your feedback portal.

  1. Highlight Feedback: Highlight and select the relevant feedback you wish to collect within the web-based tool you're using
  2. Open Extension: Open the UserVitals chrome extension and the highlighted feedback will automatically populate the insight field. It will also automatically attach the insight to an existing contact, or create a new one for you.
  3. Organize Your Insight: Within the extension, choose the insight's priority at the top right corner, then assign it to a story.
  4. Submit Feedback: Click “Add Feedback” and you’re done! The insight will automatically appear on the UserVitals portal ready for you and your team to review.

Learn more about how to install the Chrome extension.


UserVitals integrations make it easier for your team to add feedback right within your regular work flow. Currently, we have three integrations available:

  1. Slack: Capture new insights in seconds using Slack’s global and message shortcuts. Learn more about the Slack integration.
  2. Intercom: Empower customers to submit feedback through the Intercom Messenger widget. Get a comprehensive understanding of your customer needs at a glance. Learn more about the Intercom integration.
  3. Help Scout: Better connect your team with customers. Enable your support team to view all past insights submitted from a contact and add new insights within the application. Learn more about the Help Scout integration.

Learn more about all integrations.

Admin Portal Dashboard

In the admin portal dashboard, admins can manually add feedback by clicking "Track Feedback". While this is an option available, we recommend installing the UserVitals Chrome extension and integrations mentioned above to more easily submit feedback.

Admin Portal Insights Tab

Under the Insights tab in the admin portal dashboard, in the top right click on Add an insight. This will allow you to fill out the importance, the customer’s feedback and tag it to a specific story and customer for easy viewing later. If you want, you can link back to where you found the feedback as well.

Admin Portal Stories Tab

Create a magic link for a particular customer to grant them direct access to a Story detail page in the customer portal. With this option, you'll give your customers an easy way to access a specific Story to provide more detail on their use case and the importance of their request.

To generate a magic link for a customer:

  1. Go to the “Stories” tab in the admin portal
  2. Select a Story and click the “Share” button at the top right
  3. Search for an existing contact or create a new contact
  4. After clicking “Copy Magic Link”, the link will be copied to your clipboard and you can now send it to the chosen customer contact

Customer Portal

The customer portal allows customers to directly add new feedback that will get sent to your feedback portal. Any customers that are logged in to the customer portal can simply click the "Give feedback" button at the top right to send general feedback, or click on a specific roadmap item to submit feedback for that item.

Keep reading to learn more about how UserVitals can help you build better products. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page

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