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Add Inbox Messages

There are many different ways to add inbox messages to your UserVitals portal. Let's go through each method.

Add Inbox Messages

There are many different ways to add inbox messages to your UserVitals portal. Let's go through each method.

What is an Inbox Message?

An inbox message is a message obtained from a customer that contains feedback within it. These messages are either submitted by customers or your team members and oftentimes may include filler details that aren't exactly useful pieces of feedback. Therefore, inbox messages can be viewed as the original message, which after review from your team, can be converted into an insight and organized into a story.

What do I include when adding a Message?

When adding a message, there are a few fields to fill out to ensure your message has all the important information necessary.

  1. Title: Similar to a subject in an email - tells the viewer what this message is about
  2. Message: This is like the body of an email - contains the main content that the message is conveying
  3. Customer: Assign the Message to an existing customer or create a new contact
  4. Source URL: This is to store the origin of the message which can be used for filtering

How can Messages be added?

There are many different ways to add messages to your UserVitals portal. Let's go through each method.

Admin Portal

Adding Inbox Messages is easy.

Under the Inbox tab in the UserVitals app, click on the Add a Message button in the upper-right corner. This will pop open a modal that will ask you to fill in the Message Title, Message body, Contact, and Source Url. The contact can be set to anonymous in case the details are not available.

Customer Portal

Any customers logged in to the customer portal can click "Give Feedback" to submit any product feedback. These will get sent straight to your team's inbox for you to review. It's important to note that only customers with accounts can submit feedback. This helps make feedback traceable so that your team can follow up with any questions.

Chrome Extension

The UserVitals Chrome extension allows you to save customer feedback from any web page and send it to UserVitals as a customer insight. The Chrome extension is compatible with all browser-based tools to allow for a quick highlight & capture.

In a few easy steps, you'll be able to capture valuable customer feedback and send it right to your inbox.

  1. Highlight Text: Highlight and select the relevant feedback you wish to collect within the web-based tool you're using.
  2. Open Extension: Open the UserVitals chrome extension and the highlighted feedback will automatically populate the message content field. First, click the icon on the top right to switch it to an Inbox Message submission. You will see that the extension will also automatically attach the message to an existing contact or set it to anonymous. You can also create a new contact to assign to the message.
  3. Submit Message: Click “Add Message” and you’re done! The Message will automatically appear on the UserVitals portal ready for you and your team to review.

Learn more about how to install the Chrome extension.


UserVitals integrations make it easier for your team to add feedback right within your regular work flow. Currently, we have three integrations available:

  1. Slack: Capture new insights in seconds using Slack’s global and message shortcuts. Learn more about the Slack integration.
  2. Intercom: Empower customers to submit feedback through the Intercom Messenger widget. Get a comprehensive understanding of your customer needs at a glance. Learn more about the Intercom integration.
  3. Help Scout: Better connect your team with customers. Enable your support team to view all past insights submitted from a contact and add new insights within the application. Learn more about the Help Scout integration.

Learn more about all integrations.

Email Forwarding

Admin accounts will all get assigned a unique email that team members can submit feedback to, and that feedback will show up in their team's UserVitals Inbox.

If a team member is having a customer conversation via email and discovers useful feedback, they can forward that feedback to the email address provided by UserVitals. This feedback will show up immediately in the user's Inbox, along with the customer's email address and name automatically matched to an existing contact, or a new one will be created.

Users can choose between the Team Forwarding Email and Personal Forwarding Email.

Both methods will submit the feedback to the Inbox, but the personal address will show the submitter's ID in the Inbox, allowing for easy tracing of which team member submitted the feedback.

Keep reading to learn more about how UserVitals can help you build better products. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page

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