Activity Feed and Workspace Notifications

Use Notifications to stay up-to-date on all activity in UserVitals.

UserVitals Notifications

Your workspace members will receive notifications in the activity feed for various actions other members have performed such as:

  • When a new story is created
  • The status of a story is changed
  • A new insight is created
  • An inbox message is submitted
  • A story is merged with another
  • A comment is made on a story
  • When a comment is made in reply to another comment

To view your workspace notifications, click on "Activity Feed" in the admin portal menu bar.

Click on Activity Feed

Here you will be able to see an overview of all activity performed by your team members.

To filter through certain activity notifications, select the type of activity you would like to see.

Check New Insight

Workspace members can also view their most recent notifications through an activity feed widget by clicking on the bell icon beside Activity Feed.

In addition to the activity feed page and widget, digest emails are sent once a day to all workspace members so they can keep up with what their team members have been up to.

Your customers also receive notification emails when a workspace member leaves a comment on a feature request they voted on, left feedback for, or when a feature request they are interested in changes status.

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