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Say goodbye to messy feedback management – cluttered spreadsheets, overwhelmed Slack channels and outdated Trello boards.

Effortlessly Manage Your Entire Feedback Loop

Capture feedback from anywhere in seconds and make informed product decisions. UserVitals allows your team to build outstanding products through a simple and customer-centric feedback management process.

Capture and prioritize feedback with ease

Your team can use our Chrome extension to quickly capture feedback from wherever you are having customer conversations.

View detailed feedback instead of just upvotes so that you can create high-impact product changes.

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Customer feedback from various sources getting added to one application

Align teams and users to your product roadmap

Improve alignment and transparency with a roadmap that can be visible to either the public, your customers, or only your internal team.

Enable your customers to leave further feedback directly under roadmap items, and send private feedback links to specfic users.

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Display of product roadmap in a customer portal that features customer feedback requests
Email notification sent to a customer about a feature request they submitted

Keep customers updated with feature releases

UserVitals will automatically notify users once you launch the feature they requested!

To keep everyone updated, add a changelog widget to your site to let customers view the most recent product updates seamlessly.

Or, publish your full list of product updates on your customer portal.

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Email notification sent to a customer about a feature request they submitted

Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow

Add feedback direcly from customer facing tools such as Slack, Intercom, Help Scout, and more.

Create tasks with our Linear integration to align your product and engineering teams.

Save time and automate your tasks with Zapier's 1000+ integrations.

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